For 4 years, Meddys – a sort of nickname for the Mediterranean — has been a leader, innovator, and expert in all things the Mediterranean. We offer signature, fresh, made-to-order, authentic Mediterranean options. A wide variety of popular Mediterranean menu ingredients are “delivered today, diced today and served today.”

The Menu is simple because our objective is simple: Serve delicious, healthy meals that are prepared fresh daily and offered to guests at reasonable prices.

Here are a few of our accolades:

  • Meddys Beef Shawarma named sandwich of the year in 2014.
  • Meddys voted a Wichita favorite Mediterranean restaurant in 2015 by Wichita Eagle readers.
  • Meddys Hummus voted a Wichita favorite in 2015 by the Wichita Eagle readers
  • Meddys Fattoush Salad voted the best in Wichita in 2015.
  • Meddys is one of 50 Wichita Restaurants You Should Try, The Wichita Eagle’s 2016 Dining with Denise guide.
  • Meddys voted a Wichita’s best Mediterranean restaurant in 2016
  • Meddys hummus voted Wichita’s best in 2016
  • Meddys salads voted Wichita’s best in 2016
  • Meddys was voted The Best Hummus of 2017 in both the Wichita Business Journal and Wichita Eagle Reader’s Choice contest.
  • Meddys was voted Wichita favorite Mediterranean restaurant in 2018