Be a Meddys Ambassador!

Just our way of saying thanks for making us Wichita’s best Mediterranean restaurant

Here’s how you can score free Meddys meals for a whole year

With every holiday season comes a chance to become a Meddys Ambassador! This remarkable giveaway is our way of saying “Thank you!” to our loyal customers who’ve helped make Meddys Wichita’s best Mediterranean restaurant.

Starting in October, we’ll be posting weekly contests on our official Facebook page. These posts will go live every Tuesday morning, and our team will select 12 winners and announce them the following Monday. This weekly contest will end one week before Christmas. If you’re one of the lucky participants, you will receive a Meddys Ambassador Card that entitles you and one guest to eat at Meddys once a week, every week, for one year.

That’s right, every single week, you and a guest will be able to dine at Meddys FREE! As soon as you receive your personalized Meddys Ambassador card, you can immediately enjoy delicious meals on us. Your card will be good at any Meddys location from December 26th to Christmas Eve the following year. No hidden qualifications; no blackout dates; no off-limits menu items — just a $10/person maximum. We do, after all, have to have enough food for everyone else.

And it gets even better! Since Meddys is expanding, you’ll soon find new locations where you can enjoy the same delicious Mediterranean meals plus some exciting new items that you’ve grown to love. Your Meddys Ambassador Card will be valid at any of these new locations, too!

To qualify, just comment on one of our Facebook giveaway posts and check in at our social media platforms from any Meddys location.

Congratulations to these Meddys Ambassadors

They’ve enjoyed delicious and guilt-free Mediterranean food for a whole year!