Shawarma Primer: The Meat

Shawarma might sound intimidating, but it’s really not! Whether you’ve had Turkish doner, Greek gyro, or even tacos al pastor at your favorite Mexican restaurant, you’ve experienced a version of shawarma: it’s simply a whole bunch of meat, slowly rotating on a vertical rotisserie grill. In fact, the words shawarma, gyro, and doner, all derive from the same verb in their respective languages: it means “to turn.”

What makes our shawarma so great? We start with dozens of slices of fresh beef round, thinly sliced, marinated in lemon and garlic, and traditionally seasoned. The meat is stacked high on these vertical grills, then slowly begin rotating around the grill’s heating element. The heat breaks down the connective tissue of the meat, making it tender, and the natural fat in the meat slowly renders, ensuring each bite is juicy and full of flavor. The exterior of the meat crisps just a little bit, providing contrast in texture. When you order it, we slice the meat vertically, from the top of the meat “cone” to the bottom, ensuring we get the perfect cross-section of lip-smacking beef for an authentic taste of the Middle East.

Beef not your thing? We have beautifully marinated pieces of white chicken stacked right next to beef, slowly cooking towards perfection. Whatever your protein of choice, shawarma is great in our wraps, our build-your-own rice bowls, salads or right on top of our creamy hummus.

The shawarma sandwich is one of the most popular foods to come from the Middle East. With Wichita’s rich Lebanese heritage, it’s been a restaurant staple here for decades before the rest of the country caught on to the wealth of flavors that can be found from the Mediterranean. Being the son of a Lebanese grocer, I know these flavors very well, but after moving to Wichita I could never quite find the delicious recipes I remember from my childhood. So instead I decided to make it myself, deconstructing the shawarma sandwich, putting focus, care, and effort into making each component the absolute best it can be. The shawarma we make at Meddys is maybe even better than I had growing up, but you deserve the best.

Quality Ingredients: Our meat and seafood is steakhouse-quality. Our award-winning fattoush salad is made with only the freshest hearts of romaine. Our bread is delivered fresh daily.

No Shortcuts: Everything, from the salads to the hummus to the towering stacks of meat slowly cooking on our rotating spits, is made from scratch. Our lemon juice comes from freshly-squeezed lemons, not a plastic bottle. Microwaves are not welcome here.

Supporting Local Producers: All of our wraps and chips are made with pitas from John’s Pita Bakery in Wichita, KS.

Fresh Food Fast: In Lebanon, shawarma is primarily sold as fast food, so I’ve streamlined Meddys to get you your sandwich as quickly as I can make it. And if that’s still not fast enough for you, download our app and have it waiting for you when you walk through the door.

I built Meddys to be Wichita’s Mediterranean restaurant for the 21st century: fast, fresh, and as true-to-my roots as I know how to make it. I love the sandwiches we’re making, and I hope you do, too.