COVID-19 Update

Giving back to those who stand behind us

Dear Meddys guests:

During difficult times like this, I’m reminded of the many times this exceptional community has risen to the occasion to help those in need. Time has come for us to rise to the occasion again, and Meddys wants to help. After much consideration about how we can best serve our community, we believe our role is to help ensure the wonderful kids in our city have the food they need while school is not in session. Accordingly, effective immediately, we are temporarily closing all three stores, and will immediately begin channeling our efforts and resources to feeding the kids in our community. We are currently working through the logistics of how we can most effectively do that, including visiting with various members of the local school districts and financial partners who can help shoulder the load of ensuring our kids do not go hungry. If you would like to help, you can...

We look forward to resuming normal business activity and will keep you apprised of all changes. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding, and we proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with members of this great city as we endure this pandemic together.

Alex Harb

How You Can Help