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Indulge in our signature Mediterranean dishes at your next office party or family gathering. We offer a wide selection of freshly prepared and catered dishes, including vegetarian and vegan-friendly options for parties of all kinds and sizes. Everything is guaranteed to be made from scratch, packed up, and ready to go.

Menu Item



Hummus Platter 25 $1.99/person
Boxed Buffet 1 $13.99-$14.99/person
Meddys Buffet 5 Minimum $15.99/person
Boxed Bowl 1 $11.99-13.99/person
Wrap Sampler Platter 6 $13.49-15.49/person
Beef Shawarma Platter 10 $14/person
Chicken Shawarma Platter 10 $13/person
Garlicky Chicken Platter 5 $15/person
Baklava 1 $4/person
Gallon Unsweet Tea 8 $5
Gallon Sweet Tea 8 $5
Bottled Water 1 $1 each

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