Get the party started right with Meddys catering. With several different options to choose from, you’ll find the perfect meal for your next event. We have the best catering in Wichita KS!


Menu Item



Appetizer Buffet – incl. 4 5 minimum 9.69/person
Mezze Platter 8 8.99/person
Hummus Platter 25 1.60/person
Lunch Buffet 5 minimum 12.39/person
Wrap Boxed Lunch 1 minimum 8.49/person
Wrap Sampler Platter 6 10/person
Kabob Platter 10 13/person
Beef Shawarma Platter 10 10/person
Chicken Shawarma Platter 10 10/person
Garlicky Chicken Platter 5 11/person
Baklava 1 3/person
Gallon Unsweet Tea 8 5
Gallon Sweet Tea 8 5
Bottled Water 1 1/ea