Great Mediterranean cuisine with a heart

We’d love to help you raise money for your cause

Meddys takes pride in serving great Mediterranean cuisine with a heart. Our company, as well as our employees, always strive to find ways to give back to the wonderful community we call home. We support local schools, non-profit organizations, and causes that our team feels passionate about, and we can help you raise awareness and support for yours, too.

Here are some of the ways we give back to our community. Thank you for making us a part of it.

Meddys Donation Request Guidelines

  1. Alignment with Values: Donations will be considered for organizations and causes that align with our company's values and mission.
  2. Community Impact: Preference will be given to initiatives that have a direct and positive impact on the local communities where our business operates.
  3. Prioritization of Causes: We prioritize causes related to education, health, environment, and community development. However, we remain open to considering other worthy causes.
  4. Budget Considerations: Due to limited resources, we have a set budget for donations each year. Requests will be evaluated based on their potential impact relative to our budgetary constraints.
  5. Application Process: Donation requests must be submitted through a formal application process, via our website. The application should filled out completely, and include details about the organization, the specific purpose of the donation, and how the donation will be utilized.
  6. Timing: Requests should be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the event or initiative for which funding is needed. This allows for thorough consideration and planning.
  7. Evaluation Criteria: Each request will be evaluated based on its alignment with our values, the potential impact of the donation, and the organization's track record of effectiveness and transparency.
  8. Communication: We will strive to provide timely responses to all donation requests, whether they are approved or not. Clear communication regarding the status of the request will be provided to the requesting organization.
  9. Follow-Up: Organizations that receive donations will be encouraged to provide feedback and updates on the impact of the contribution. This helps us gauge the effectiveness of our support and fosters ongoing relationships with our community partners.
  10. Flexibility: While we have established guidelines, we remain flexible and open to unique opportunities that may arise. We understand that each request is unique and will be considered on its own merits.
By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to ensure that our donations have a meaningful and positive impact on the communities we serve, while also being mindful of our resources and responsibilities as a business.

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