1. Local teen with cancer inspires ‘Wichita Hummus Day’

    A local restaurant owner has created its own holiday — Wichita Hummus Day — with charity in mind. Meddys restaurants in Wichita are giving away free hummus on Saturday, September 23, in hopes that customers will donate to help a young girl who has leukemia and others like her. Hannah Soderstrom …Read More

  2. Meddys in downtown Wichita scheduled for Fall 2018 Opening

    While its opening has been pushed back a little, dirt work has started at the site of the new Meddys restaurant in downtown Wichita. Businessman Alex Harb — who also owns Ribbit Computers — tells the WBJ that his planned new eatery near Douglas and Washington is on target to open in September. O…Read More

  3. Mediterranean food: delicious and healthy

    In addition to being delicious, Mediterranean food is consistently recommended by scientific organizations for its health benefits. Year after year, studies show that, by far, the most common New Year’s resolution is healthier eating. But according to US News, approximately 80% of all resolutions …Read More

  4. Wichita’s Best Hummus: The verdict is in

    A blind taste test for the best hummus in Wichita leaves Meddys #1 (Originally from Wichita Business Journal) Review: It was a blind taste test. We went to the restaurants and bought fresh hummus, brought it back and numbered the containers. The staff did not know the makers of the hummus they were …Read More